This Infrastructure Design Manual was designed to clearly document and standardise Council requirements for the design and development of municipal infrastructure.

It aims to also expedite council engineering approvals and ensure that minimum design criteria are met in regard to the design and construction of municipal infrastructure regardless of whether it is constructed by Council or a developer.

Download the IDM Version 5.40 — 1 September 2022
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About the Infrastructure Design Manual (IDM)

The Infrastructure Design Manual (IDM) is a joint initiative of Victorian rural and regional Councils working together to formulate and maintain a set of consistent requirements and standards for the design and development of infrastructure.

The first version of the IDM came into use in October 2007 when it was placed online.

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Benefits of a common Infrastructure Design Manual

  • Accountability

    Provides a better defence at the Victorian Civil Appeals Tribunal (VCAT) when the design requirements have been developed and adopted by a number of municipalities.

  • Collaboration

    Sharing financial and human resources to produce an Infrastructure Design Manual which will satisfy the requirements of each of the participating municipalities.

  • Consistency

    Developing more consistency amongst design requirements for Consultants and Developers working in the participating municipalities.

  • Quality

    Sharing of ideas and practices helps the municipalities to adopt the best practice of each.

  • Documentation

    To clearly document participating Council's requirements for the design and development of infrastructure.

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