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Keep up to date with important dates and events

The LGIDA is committed to providing training and events to keep its members and stakeholders up to date. COVID-19 has caused suspension of training and events since March 2020. Resumption of training is now occurring. Contact the Executive Officer on for details of any of the events or training listed below.

Drainage System Design Methods Training Dates


This is an update. A further face-to-face training course on drainage may be held on Thursday 16 and Friday 17 May 2024 at Wangaratta Performing Arts Centre that is dependent upon the levels of interest for up to 25 attendees. We are seeking interest from  a number of member councils staff to be able to attend at Wangaratta. Time is running out to be able to organize the training. LGIDA proposes to subsidize the training for LGIDA member Council representatives. The training will be provided by Stormy Water Solutions. It has been over six years since this training was offered by Stormy Waters to LGIDA members, and now incorporates developments of ARR 2019 as well as computer modelling changes.  

. Covers:

  • Rational method including worked example;
  • ARR 2019-hydrological examples; Flood storage determination – Boyd’s formula plus worked example;
  • System Capacity – Manning Formula and worked example;
  • Simple Hydraulic Grade Line Analysis and worked example;
  • Culvert and weir designs and worked examples;
  • ARR 2019 Urban Catchment modelling and overview of computer programs, ARR 2019 hydraulic applications; and
  • Storm water Management Plan preparation.


Please forward your  registration of interest to by close of business on Thursday 28 March 2024.


RORB modelling software Training Dates

To be advised.

Town Planning for Engineers Training

The most recent (face to face) training was held at Ballarat by Bespoke Training (Glossops) in June 2023. 


Sustainable Infrastructure Guidelines Engineers

Pitt&sherry conducted a successful webinar during February. It was led by Anna Butler. A copy of notes will be forwarded to those who participated. Any who attended are encouraged to contact by close of business on Thursday 4 April 2024 should they have any further questions so that pitt&sherry may respond.



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