About the IDM

A Living Document.

The Infrastructure Design Manual (IDM) is a joint initiative of Victorian rural and regional Councils working together to formulate and maintain a set of consistent requirements and standards for the design and development of infrastructure.

The IDM is owned and maintained by the Local Government Infrastructure Design Association.


The IDM  has been prepared following consultation and liaison with Councils, Council staff, Consultants and Developers. Each Council was responsible for its own consultation process. The consultative processes have ensured that the policies, procedures and guidelines in the IDM achieve as far as practical the three main aims of appropriate, affordable and equitable Infrastructure that serves the community and promotes growth.


The IDM is designed to be used within the boundaries of all the municipalities who have adopted the IDM. The primary objectives of the IDM are:

  • To clearly document Council’s requirements for the design and development of Infrastructure that is or will become Council’s Infrastructure.
  • To standardise development submissions as much as possible and thus to expedite Council’s engineering approvals.
  • To ensure that minimum design criteria are met in regard to the design and construction of Infrastructure within the municipalities regardless of whether it is constructed by Council or a Developer.
  • “To recognise and deal with the various issues currently impacting on the land development industry, in particular sustainability, integrated water cycle management, timeliness and affordability;”

When there is a conflict with Standard Drawings or other Council policies the IDM will take precedence where the matter relates to Infrastructure standards.


The IDM is a living document and may be revised and amended from time to time. To ensure that everyone has access to the latest version of the IDM it will only be available electronically on this website.

Suggestions on how the IDM can be improved can be forwarded by email to info@designmanual.com.au.

All submissions made in accordance with the above provisions will be considered by the Technical Committee which will provide regular reports to the Board of the recommended changes to be incorporated into the IDM.

Engineering queries relating to individual development submissions, status of approvals or further technical direction regarding Infrastructure design should be directed to the following people at the relevant municipalities.

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